Our fabrics

We’ve tracked down the finest natural, organic and innovative fabrics out there and put every one through its paces. And, because we’re a fussy bunch, only the highest quality and environmentally friendly makes the cut. It means that every single Starseeds piece is as kind to the planet and the people who farm, make and wear it as can be.


The story behind our extraordinary fibres

Where our materials come from and how little they impact the environment is just as important to us as how great our finished designs look and feel. We’ve tracked down the finest natural, organic and innovative fabrics out there, each handpicked for its impeccable sustainable credentials before being whipped up into stylish pieces, made ethically in Europe.



There are so many reasons why cotton is one of the world’s most popular fabrics. It’s naturally breathable, great at absorbing moisture, durable yet soft, and biodegradable – but intensive farming methods can also do a lot of damage, which is why we choose to go organic. It takes a whole lot of dedication to farm organic cotton; before the first organic crop can be planted, the land needs to go through a cleansing period of three years to ensure it’s free from any non-natural substances, and must be completely protected from any non-organic crops growing nearby. The resulting cotton fibre can be more expensive than its non-organic relatives, but we think it’s a small price to pay for its minimal impact on the environment. Plus our sensitive skin loves it.



Bamboo could have been created with yoga wear in mind. This super-soft, natural wonder feels amazing on the skin, is unbelievably strong and naturally antibacterial, plus it absorbs sweat like no other – so hello, hot yoga. It’s right up there for sustainability, too. It re-grows in days without any chemicals and can thrive in the most challenging of climates. Plus, because it’s 100% biodegradable, it won’t linger in landfill, either. All our bamboo fibre is also Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means that it’s totally free from any harmful toxins.


We’ll admit that its tendency to crease doesn’t make linen the most obvious choice for yoga wear, but trust us, few fabrics can handle a sweaty yoga session quite like it. Even generous amounts of moisture are absorbed quickly into the fabric without it feeling damp on the skin, and it dries quickly, too. We also love it from a sustainability point of view. It’s 100% biodegradable and, because the strong fibre doesn’t stretch, it resists rubbing and abrasion (however much you put it through), so will last and last – and that’s our kind of clothing.



This lush green plant from Asia has been woven into fabric for thousands of years. Its incredible strength and ability to hold its shape make it perfect for modern life, too, and just the ticket for the demands of yoga practice. It also adds a silky sheen and reduces wrinkling when mixed with other fibres and is 100% biodegradable. If that weren’t enough to have us hooked, ramie has one more, cool trick up its sleeve – it becomes even stronger when wet.


Like bamboo, hemp is one tough cookie. It needs very little water to grow and is resilient against disease and pests, using fewer resources and growing like crazy without the need for harmful chemicals. And, because every part of the plant can be used, nothing goes to waste. It’s also naturally breathable, great at absorbing sweat and 100% biodegradable. But hemp’s true beauty lies in its strength; it’s eight times stronger than cotton and four times more durable. Until recently, this also meant that it was a little roughh on the skin – but new technology’s changed all that, bringing us soft, fine fibre that’s pure pleasure to slip into.



It may be man made, but re-using existing polyester makes a massive difference to its environmental impact, reducing the amount that goes unnecessarily into landfill. In fact, polyester can be endlessly recycled, which is good enough reason for us to include it in our collection, and a small yet far-reaching choice we can make to reduce, reuse and recycle.



Here’s a shot of caffeine we can all get on board with. Created from recycled polyester and waste coffee grounds, instead of simply sending them off to the rubbish or compost heap, this yarn puts both these unloved products to ingenious use. But it isn’t just about re-using – it’s a combination that also happens to bring benefits to your workout. The fabric draws moisture away from the body and dries quickly, while the coffee inside absorbs and locks in odour, making it perfect for sweaty sessions in the studio. And, if you like to practice outdoors, the coffee content also reflects sunlight for natural UV protection, too.



This innovative fabric has all the great environmental and practice benefits of S.Café®, with the addition of a cool, extra feature. Cooling crystals in the yarn give clothing a refreshing feel on the skin, plus there’s a hint of nylon for a soft and silky touch with all the comfort of cotton. It’s the perfect fabric for flow and hot yoga, and doubles up perfectly for other types of training. And who doesn’t love a bit of multi-tasking?


We searched high and low for the perfect all-natural, non-toxic dyes to create refreshingly different Starseeds colour palette. Then we discovered Cold Bath Patch dyeing, the ultimate complement for the ‘slow fashion’ movement. This ultra-slow and gentle method ensures that the fabric’s delicate fibres aren’t damaged and keep their natural characteristics as much as possible.

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